A Complete Valentines gift guide for him

valentinesdaygiftideasforhimOur valentines gift guide covers different interests, and not just on one specific type of personality. We will guide you step-by-step on how gift experts think and visualize the right items to give. This quick crash-course will help you cross off Valentines on your to-do list faster than ever before. Let’s begin.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Gifts for the Active Lifestyle
He doesn’t necessarily need to be an athlete, but he may be a sports junkie or just a die hard fan of his Alma mater. However, this is were most have trouble picking a gift because a sporting goods present is just too obvious. These following ideas should help you paint a better picture of possible personalized gifts for him.

  • Get them a gift that drives their competitive spirit, a new gift for them to master, but make sure it’s feasible and fits their personality. A perfect gift for the modern outdoors man would be a personalized Swiss army wallet (1)  — it’s not your ordinary flip wallet — it’s made of aluminum to withstand the wear of time and the outdoors. It’s not just durable but also light, great for everyday use!
  • For the white collar, that day dreams of going pro every time he shoots into the waste basket from his desk, get him something new to occupy his mind when the work load is demanding. A successful person visualizes their goal, so help them with a gift that will clear their mind even in the most stressful situations. A magnetic dart board (2) not only gets his competitive spirit up, but is also helps him concentrate on coordination. With this gift he won’t be wasting paper, or wasting time getting up to empty out his basket.
  • The weekends, every guys sanctuary and the perfect time to kickback and relax. Even the most active person finds himself looking forward to the weekends. Summer isn’t to far behind either, so why not get him a barbeque set (3), and let him dwell in his thoughts while flipping patties on a sunny day.

The element of surprise

For the mellow and laid back attitude, it can be hard to read what they’ll like, but there are moments that even surprises them. Remember how we mentioned earlier in the beginning that you could cross-off the first step, well the first step is knowing the person well, and that makes shopping for a valentines gift easier. Just think of memories were he was surprised in a good way, and think of gifts that will have the same effect!

  • Spending Valentines with a techie enthusiast? Get him a gift were he can charge all his gadgets, while still maintaining that “James Bond” essence. A black wooden charging station hides all the cords out of sight, elegant and incognito, a great gift for the aspiring undercover agent.
  • The brewer, a self thought scientist, not only enjoys making his own ale but loves adding items to his man cave. Great man cave essentials include: pint beer glass (4), personalized shot glasses (5), custom billiards sign (6), and personalized coasters. These are gifts that will help him relax from a stressful day at work.
  • The wine enthusiast — for the beginner and pro — get them a gift that will accentuate his growing collection. An elegant wine stopper, tops of the bottle with an elegant and personalized touch. For a more a complete wine enthusiast gift — get him a wine gift set — collections feature a corkscrew, collar, thermometer and wine pour stopper set.







If your date doesn’t fall into any of these personalities don’t panic, just sit back and think of gifts that will surprise him, and as we said before the first step is the easiest. This is a person you know well, and sometimes it just takes some time to sit down and jot down ideas. However, if you are still having a hard time thinking of a gift, ask friends and family for suggestions.

PRO TIP: Many don’t get the gifts they wanted for Christmas, so if you’re REALLY having a hard time thinking of a gift, get them the gift they really wanted for Christmas. It’s a last resort that’s effective, but just make sure he hasn’t had a change of heart in the last two months.

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  1. I currently have a stainless money clip that I really like. I’m not into the bulky wallets in my pocket. I really like the look of this Swiss Army Wallet but wondering how the button works for removing the cards?

  2. There are some quite nice useful valentine gifts.
    I really liked the swiss army wallet. Think I will order one.

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