Buying a Birthday Gift for Loved Ones

Birthday gifts become very meaningful when choosing the perfect present.   However, it can be a difficult task. Keep in mind to avoid under doing and over doing when you pick a present. Choosing the right birthday gift is just as easy as you think. Many opt to give others their birthday gift wish list.  On a lighter note, gifts that are useful and practical are the best choice.

First, ask yourself questions like, what is the person’s hobby? Have you heard him or her say what they want or need recently?  What kind of job or profession is he or she in? Think about the person, their personality and their style and their personal interest.  The ideas of getting birthday gifts will make it easy for you to start jotting down ideas.

Finding a birthday gift that will flatter the celebrant in any of these interests will be of great value for a birthday celebration.  Giving something personal that you know the birthday boy or girl can use effectively in everyday life shows that you are a good friend or family member. It shows that you pay attention to that person, that you listen to that person, that you know that person’s needs and most of all it shows that you appreciate that person.

Giving birthday presents to friends or family members, become meaningful gifts when you take into account the things that they really love. Dollar-wise it does not matter if they are cheap or expensive. A perfect example: a friend of mine just sent us two books on the puppy training and obedience. It is really useful especially for the first-time dog owners who know little about taking care of a puppy. When you are considerate and think about what the receiver is passionate about, you will be paid off the real thank you feeling.


The Reasons Why Anything Can be a Gift

If you were walking down the street and a random person came up to you and asked “What is a gift?” what would you say? I guarantee nine times out of ten people will explain a present — a tangible thing that is given to a friend, family member or associate for a particular occasion. But, the reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Giving a gift could mean a million things and everyone needs to change their thoughts on what exactly a gift is. A gift can be: The gift of education, the gift of parents adopting a child into a happy home, the gift of a safe haven for an abused animal, the gift of friendship and the gift of life. These are all things we need to realize as they are, when it all comes down to it, the gifts that really matter.

For example, the Founder of — Raffi Dermenjian — recently had a baby boy with his wife Ani Dermenjian, and they were gifted with a present of life; a baby boy named Christopher. What could be a better gift?

In conclusion, the purpose of this post is to highlight the stereotype behind gifts and how it should be changed.


Personalized Coffee Mugs – Excellent Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rolling around yet again, and most of us are scrambling to find our special Mother a gift that she will love. We all want something that’s thoughtful, unique and useful but what?

Falling back on the old principle of it’s the thought that counts, personalized coffee mugs are an excellent present for Mother’s Day. My mom makes coffee or tea on a daily basis and did so in a boring mug until I gave her a personalized mug a few months back. Simply said, she loves it!

Here’s the way I look at it: Giving your mother a useful present that reminds her of your love everyday is much better than buying something extravagant  that can hardly be used. I would rather buy my mom a cool, funny, personalized coffee mug and have her use it 250+ days out of the year than get her a pair of diamond earrings that are used once in a blue moon. Catch my vibe?

I hope this article has been helpful!


Memorable Gifts

Picture Frames – An Excellent Present For Valentine’s Day

When searching for that special, unique, memorable Valentine’s Day gift I suggest you consider picture frames. They capture the moment by being able to lock it in time through a photo, then they provide memories for many years down the line.

If you are considering buying your Valentine a picture frame, an excellent idea is to snap a photo on your Valentine’s Day date, which can later be added to the picture frame. This way your date is truly never forgotten.

When actually buying the picture frame, I highly suggest you select something that is personalized and not just pulled off a shelf. This has more meaning and, in reality, makes the gift more useful by separating it from the 25+ other frames we have.

Remember — it is the thought that counts, so don’t stress over buying expensive gifts that may or may not be used. Purchase something that will be useful, thoughtful and timeless.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Memorable Gifts

Valentine’s Day | Flowers vs Presents

The battle is on — flowers or actual presents on Valentine’s Day? This is a heated debate and I hope to clarify it once and for all.

Personally, I’m one to go all out and opt for a combination of flowers, food (classy restaurant) and a gift. But, when looking at the question of flowers versus presents I have to say presents. There is just something about giving a gift that can be kept for many years to come. As with anything though, there’s a catch.

Giving any gift, just something you see in a store window, won’t cut it. If you choose to buy a gift for your loved one as opposed to flowers, you better be sure the gift has some meaning behind it.

I do have to admit I may be a tad bit biased. I have had bad experiences with transporting flowers and it almost always leads to one of the following:

  • Wet carpets that smell like the gardener mowed the interior of my car. I seem to spill the prepared vases, so I stray away from those now.
  • Fingers that are mad at me. I go out, buy this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, then I feel like I must cherish it on the ride home or to my destination. In doing so, given the traffic in Los Angeles, I find myself consistently reaching over and bracing the flowers, which sometimes, unfortunately, poke my fingers.
  • Flowers that look like a right angle ruler. Yes, you heard that right, I was driving and my briefcase fell on the flowers, which snapped the middle in half. The good thing — they still stood up straight (when I held them horizontally).

The solution? Buy a memorable, unique, personalized gift for Valentine’s Day that is useful and will outlast flowers by tenfold.


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