Father’s Day: Organize His Office

Father’s Day is June 16th, and it’s the perfect time to surprise Dad on his special day. Some people decide to wash the car, serve Dad breakfast in bed, or buy a thoughtful card – but what are you planning to do? Dad bears a great responsibility in keeping the family together, being the strong backbone while at the same time, being a caring and all-around loving man. This Father’s Day, why not think a little outside the box and do something a little different?

No matter what age we are at, we will always remember chores we’ve had to do around the house such as taking out the trash, cleaning our rooms, or perhaps washing the dishes. This Father’s Day, take upon a new type of “chore” – doing a favor – and tidy up Dad’s home office or study desk so that he will have a clean, organized work space and have all important items within reach. While doing this, why not drop a personalized office gift for Father’s Day on his desk? Here are 5 great office appropriate gifts for Dad from us: (more…)

Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts

 Everyday is special when you are a father, although Sunday June 17th, 2012 marks an extra special day this year for all fathers.  Father’s Day is just around the corner, and every dad deserves the recognition and appreciation that a personalized gift gives him for all his hard work.  Make this Father’s Day the most memorable one yet by giving your dad a special gift that is personalized just for him.  Your dad is one of a kind, so this year, give him a gift that reflects his personal splendor.  MemorableGifts has put together a list of the top 5 gifts to give your dad if you have any trouble deciding what gift is best.


Personalized Mens Valet – Gift Ideas for Him

Finding personalized gifts for him is never easy, and today’s modern men looks for more in traditional gifts. They look for that small touch that will set it apart from the rest. Watch our latest video showcase on our personalized valet for men, and see why it’s a favorite among modern men who appreciate the sophistication and versatility of a handmade gift.


Memorable Gifts Founder Raffi Dermenjian Celebrates First Father’s Day

Los Angeles, California – MemorableGifts.com, founded in 1999 and now a leader in personalized gifts, is celebrating Raffi Dermenjian’s first Father’s Day by adding a new line of Father’s Day presents to the website.

Father’s Day 2010 will be an important event for Raffi Dermenjian and his wife Ani Dermenjian as they celebrate the holiday with their new baby boy — Christopher. Mr. Dermenjian stated: “I am the happiest man. This year I will be able to celebrate my first Father’s Day and do so with my lovely wife and our miracle baby boy. What a blessing.”

To celebrate the special occasion, MemorableGifts.com has been updated with a variety of unique Father’s Day gifts, which will bring families closer together and help mark the holiday in time. Some presents are small in size but thoughtful and meaningful enough to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Card Playing Dad

When I was growing up I remember my family would always get together for nice dinners and my dad would play cards with my uncles and family friends. It was a fun, entertaining way to bring people together and was much better than gathering around the television. If your father happens to enjoy playing cards — whether it’s poker, blackjack or another game — you may want to consider giving your dad a card-related present this Father’s Day.

For one, giving your dad a Father’s Day present that fits his interests is very important. If you know he loves playing cards and does so often, a set of poker chips, a card table or another gift will definitely spark his interest. The goal is to get him something he will enjoy and something that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A long time ago I purchased a set of engraved poker chips for my dad, which he fell in love with and all of his friend got a kick out of. Small things like these are excellent Father’s Day gifts.

Secondly, I suggest giving your dad a Father’s Day gift that he can actually use. Many times we get gifts that are thoughtful, cool and we’re appreciative, but we really have no use for them. For example, how many picture frames can one person have without having to expand their house? Select a card-related gift that your dad will enjoy and something he can use.

Lastly, one of the best reasons to purchase the above-mentioned gifts are because they will, in a essence, bring you closer to your dad. By giving him something that you both can enjoy and bond through a closer relationship will be built.

I hope this article has been helpful and have a good Father’s Day in 2010!