New Personalized Wedding Gifts

At Memorable Gifts we love helping you find the perfect gift. We’ve been working hard to add some exciting new gifts to our store just for you! We have added tons of new personalized gifts for all different types of special occasions.  Here are just a few of our favorite new gifts that would be great for any wedding or engagement party.


Raise a toast to the happy couple with the Opal Innocence Personalized Crystal Champagne Flute Set.  Wish them best wishes on this Personalized True Love Autograph Frame. Then at the end of the evening, watch the joyous couple cut their wedding cake with their own True Love Personalized Wedding Cake Serving Set. Any one of these three exquisite gifts are sure to be loved by the new bride and groom!

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Personalized Wedding Gifts: Congratulate the Couple in Style

Since spring is currently in full bloom, weddings are starting to blossom throughout the country in the wake of warmer weather and sunny skies. Finding an appropriate wedding gift for the bride and groom can be a somewhat daunting task, as everyone wants to give something elegant, of good taste, and functional. In addition, everyone wants their gift to be memorable and greatly cherished by the newlywed couple. With our selection of personalized wedding gifts, you can achieve all those motives. There’s nothing quite like a gift with the recipient’s name engraved on it, as it shows the extra effort put into the gift selection process. Being that wedding gift shopping is already quite a time consuming task, imagine the appreciation the bride and groom would feel knowing that you went the extra mile to commemorate their special day.

Allow us to suggest some great customized wedding gifts perfect for the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding day. Here are some of our top picks: (more…)

How much should you expect to spend as a bridesmaid?

In a recent guest post for we discussed vegan friendly gifts for bridesmaids, and when to give them out. One thing we also wanted to discuss as well were the expenses incurred by bridesmaids, and if you have ever had the pleasure of being one you know it can get pretty expensive.

First time bridesmaid may find themselves short on cash and going over budget real quick, and we wanted to point that out in our guest post, but didn’t want to overwhelm readers with an already lengthy post. We made sure to give some terrific tips and ideas for personalized bridesmaids gifts, which should relieve any stress from travel or planning that they may be having too.  (more…)

Engraved Photo Gifts for Weddings – Making the Event Memorable

Choosing the best, most memorable and unique wedding gift is really a challenge that requires thought and planning to truly be successful. Simply walking through a store and grabbing any present you see is not, I repeat not, a good idea. One of the absolute best aspects of a wedding is the pictures — lasting memories — that are captured at the event. And, to showcase such pictures in the best possible light, I propose giving engraved photo gifts, such as personalized picture frames, to the bride and groom.

A personalized picture frame is an ideal wedding gift and allows for the ability to take old photos of the wedding couple, or new photos, and place them in a picture frame that’s specifically made for them. This will, mark my word, set your wedding gift aside from the crowd. At weddings, the last thing you want is to give a present that the couple either already has, or someone else has given them.

Aside from picture frames, pocket clocks and photo pendants are also excellent photo gifts. Imagine a couple receiving a gift that has a picture of them from many years ago, and it’s inside of a classy, engraved holder. They will love it, trust me.

Last but definitely not least, personalized photo albums are one of the best photo gifts for weddings. They provide a solid base into which photos from the wedding, honeymoon, and other times can be added. Once in a photo album, photos can easily be shared with friends and family. After all, what’s the use of having excellent photos from your life if they’re stashed away in the bottom of a hall closet.

Good luck finding the best wedding gift and hopefully this article was helpful.