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Halloween safety tips and making the best out of trick-or-treating

Halloween is right around the corner, children all over the country are anxiously counting down the day until they can savor the sweet taste of sugar! Mothers, Fathers, and children take to the streets to pass down a tradition that has been an iconic symbol of Americana. However, there are precautions that should be taken into consideration. Candy so sweet and delicious can be tainted by fowl people with bad intentions. Apart from inspecting candy, there needs to be other precautions that need to be taken into measure and consideration to make sure that this tradition goes untainted, but one with joy to be cherished with many others to come.


Authorities and state officials warn the public about candy every year, while it may be a reminder for some, it never hurts to freshen up on some tips. The first thing you should always look for when accompanying children while trick-or-treating, is making sure they don’t take candy that is left outside. Candy that is left outside can be tampered by other individuals who happen to come by or see it unmonitored. It is better to be cautious about not taking candy left outside, it’s best to leave chance and tampering at zero percent, and just walking over to your next destination.


The second tip to take into consideration is making sure that the candy is inspected before children eat them. Candy should be sealed as if it left the factory, and should not have slithers, tears, or punctures on them. If it does it’s better to toss them away and prevent something that could have dire consequences. Candy wrappers should not have any liquids either that children can get on their hands, or any residue that looks like it doesn’t conjure with the wrapper or packaging.  Liquids or residue also present a threat to whom ever consumes the candy, so it’s better to just put them aside. These tips will make sorting candy much easier and quicker for children to enjoy.


Like with most trips or travels it is good to have a buddy system, and it’s a great way to make sure that children to stay safe while out trick-or-treating. Going over the must do’s and dont’s with children is important, so they can understand the right way to enjoy Halloween in a safe environment. That means following pedestrian rules and advisement, making sure to look both ways and not running without looking is very important to remind children during Halloween. To often children run through the streets not looking either way to see oncoming traffic. We believe that adults should make this experience a safe one by looking out of children as well, and making sure they look both ways when crossing the street. However, it should also be a public service announcement that drivers reduce their speed in neighborhood and small streets especially at night.


Let’s make Halloween a memorable one for the books by remembering easy tips to follow this year. Make sure to share your knowledge or share the article with friends, family and colleagues, lets keep this American tradition going within a safe environment.

Personalized Gifts Give a Lifetime of Memories to a Mommy!

Personalized Silver Birth Certificate Holder with Stand


Our team at Memorable Gifts was delighted to receive this warm email from a happy customer – Robin Goody, a wonderful mommy who was determined to make her son’s birthday memorable, despite her demanding work schedule.

Our son’s first birthday has been the highlight of this summer for me and my husband.  With our demanding jobs we had anticipated a low-key celebration, but it turned out to be one of the most memorable days for our friends, family, and our little bundle of joy – Luke!  Peter and I had marked our calendars to plan our son’s first birthday. Although we weren’t planning on anything fancy, we really wanted to do something outside the box and special. It was heartbreaking to find ourselves neck-deep in meeting our deadlines the week before Luke’s birthday, when all we wanted to do was go out and shop for something unique.

With only a few days left for the D day, a close friend mentioned Memorable Gifts offered personalized birthday gifts and personalized baby gifts. I didn’t waste a single moment to jump on my computer and explore your exceptional world of goodies, to realize that Peter and I were being so conventional about imagining Luke’s birthday. Memorable Gifts opened our doors to creativity! The idea of engraved gifts appealed to us a lot. One look at the treasure of personalized accessories on your site and we knew that we could come up with a wonderful theme for Luke’s birthday party in our home. That day at work, Peter and I shortlisted our favorites from the wonderful ensemble of personalized treasures available on site.   Our favorite pieces out of this precious assortment were: Silver Birth Certificate Holder with Personalized Stand, Happy Birthday Personalized Teddy Bear, and the Baby Booty Keepsake Money bank. I didn’t sleep a wink that night, wondering how it will all come together. Not having much experience with online ordering for gifts and being a little old-fashioned about choosing presents, I was praying that those items look just as adorable in real life and the ordering process will be smooth. Peter and I had mentally visualized how we should be decorating the space in our house where we were hosting Luke’s birthday. I woke up early next morning and experienced a rush of excitement as I went about ordered the gifts on MemorableGifts.com that we had shortlisted the previous night. To my relief the entire process of personalizing, putting a request for engraving Luke’s initials on the gift items, and payment was a breeze! Your customer service was warm, prompt, and beyond our expectations. I couldn’t believe that something for which we had anticipated over a week’s planning was over within an hour.

It felt wonderful to decorate the walls, counter tops, and corners of Luke’s birthday space with personalized frames, keepsake boxes, art panels, and all kinds of wonderfully unique stuff that is rarely found in regular gift stores. It was truly a one-of-a-kind birthday with a heartwarming atmosphere filled with love. Our family members and friends couldn’t stop admiring the personalized theme.
Thank You Memorable Gifts!

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