Top 10 Must-Have Baby Gifts

Top 10 Baby Gifts 2015

The first few years of a child’s life is a time filled with laughter, joy, and new experiences! Add to the adventure with these wonderful gifts designed to bring a smile to your precious little one’s face and preserve the memories that you will look fondly upon in years to come.

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Customized Gifts for Babies: It’s All In The Name

newborn-baby-boy-sleepingOne of the most joyful yet difficult tasks in raising a baby may just be finding a suitable name for the newborn. Giving a name may sound simple, but it’s a task that prospective parents can spend weeks to months deciding on. Some couples may even go to fortune tellers, psychics, or turn to religion to conceive a suitable alias for their special bundle of joy. It can be said that once a name is decided upon, that name stays with the child for life. Because a name is so unique to a baby, parents love to purchase items for the child with his or her name on it since a young age. With our selection of heartfelt personalized gifts for babies, you definitely cannot go wrong in finding an item and customizing it to make it your baby’s very own or one to remind you of your child. If you aren’t a parent, our collection of gifts will still express your sentiments well to a baby for a baby shower or baby centered occasion.

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ROUND-UP!! July Celebrity Babies Arrive in Style

Baby Bootie Keepsake Money Bank


Personalized Baby Gifts… A Hollywood Star is Born!

July 3rd – Maya Rudolph Welcomes Son Jack

July 9th – Kate Hudson – Welcomes Son Bing

July 11th  – Jewel Welcomes Son Kase

July 25th – Selma Blair Welcomes Son Arthur

Do you think Maya, Kate & Jewel would like the following personalized baby gifts for their baby boys?

  • Silver Birth Certificate Holder with Personalized Stand
  • Baby Boy Birth Record Personalized Teddy Bear

July 10th  – Victoria Beckham Welcomes Daughter Harper

July 17th – Ivanka Trump Welcomes Daughter Arabella

Do you think Victoria & Kate would like the following personalized baby gifts for their baby girls?


Push Presents: Giving Birth Just Got Trendier

Personalized Heart Shape Box


Just when we thought that the gift industry is content with the traditional categories of personalized gifts, a new trend – called ‘push presents’ comes along and gives birth (pun intended) to a trendier and more fashionable world of ‘tokens of appreciation’. A push present, also popularly known as ‘baby mama gift’ or ‘baby bauble’, is a gift given by the father of a new born to the mommy as an acknowledgement for all the hard work and the labor pains she has had to go through in bringing their bundle of joy safely into this world. Thanks to the celebrities and glamorous Moms like Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey, whose equally glamorous husbands pampered them with expensive jewelry to mark the momentous occasion; since then the popularity of push presents has really taken off.

A recent survey of more than 30,000 respondents by shows that 38 percent of new mothers received a gift from their partner after giving birth to their new born. Among pregnant mothers, 55 percent wanted one. About 40 percent of both groups said the baby was the only gift that they desired. The rising popularity of push presents has to some extent evoked criticism from mothers who consider their babies to be the greatest gift imaginable and think that any kind of tangible bonus cheapens the purity involved in giving birth. While a large percentage of new mommies think it’s perfectly okay to not feel guilty about accepting push presents, especially after all the back pain, morning sickness, and stress that they have gone through.

Research shows that jewelry is the most desired push present among new mommies. The jewelry industry certainly capitalized on this growing trend by marketing their diamonds to the expectant parents. In 2005 the jewelry chain – Mayors promoted their diamond earrings with the tag line, “She delivered your first born; now give her twins.” Fortunoff, the jewelry and gift chain with a Fifth Avenue flagship, recently established a push present registry. Although jewelry is the most common push present, any new baby gift that would make the new mommy feel special and pampered will suffice.

Is your bundle of joy on its way? Would a push present or a heartfelt engraved gift from your hubby put you on cloud nine? If yes, then would you prefer a sparkly gift or a personalized gift? Or do you think your baby is the greatest gift that you could ever receive? All the mommies-to-be, we are eager to know your thoughts. Please post your responses below.

And what are our two cents on push presents? Be it any occasion or season, we believe that giving gifts that express love, gratitude, and appreciation should never go out of style. Having said that, push presents are certainly trend-setters in their own right. To all the fathers-to-be, here’s your chance to make the sleep-deprived, first-time mommy feel absolutely glamorous by selecting the perfect push gift for her, a memento of the special day when your adorable bundle of joy stepped into this world.

Personalized Baby Gifts – Special Gifts for Special Moments

Celebrating the life of a baby boy or girl is an exciting, fun experience that friends, family and most importantly parents enjoy. Babies make progress so quickly — everything from walking, to talking, to growing their first tooth — and it’s important to recognize such milestones and mark them in time by giving the baby a personalized, thoughtful gift. Such an act is memorable and important for many reasons, which I will share in this article.

Giving baby gifts that are customized for particular occasions allows for the ability to retain memories of the event in later years. Statistics show that physical cues, along with scents and sounds, bring back old memories and for parents bringing back thoughts of good days gone by is awesome. An act like growing a first tooth may not seem exciting or even be remembered clearly in a few years, but in fact it’s a big step and should be remembered. Personalized baby gifts do just that.

If you were to sit down and really think about all of the opportunities to give a personalized baby gift you would go crazy; there are so many occasions and milestones to choose from. Some of the most popular baby gifts include presents for baptisms, christening, first tooth, first birthday, first holiday season and the list goes on. Friends and family members, and of course parents, should think about these gifts and give the baby something he or she will be able to reflect on when they’re older. They will thank you.

Lastly, if there’s one thing I can stress about giving baby gifts in general is to make sure the gift(s) are safe and will not harm the child in any way. This is very important as the last thing you want is for a good deed to turn into a disaster.

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck selecting baby gifts! With thought and research your gift will surely be a success.