Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas for the Office

If your mom is like many out there, she works very hard and works long hours. Work is sometimes not the place we want to be, and for that reason buying your mom a Mother’s Day gift that can be used in her office is perfect. While working she can glance at the gift you gave her and it will immediately take her mind off work. But, what to get?

Photo Frames
Frames to showcase family photos are always a winner in the office. They fit protocol and remind us of our loved ones on a continual basis.

Personalized Coffee Mugs
Most of us like waking up to either a nice warm cup of tea or coffee, and giving your mom a personalized coffee mug for the office is a very useful present. It can be used on a daily basis and will continuously remind your mom of how much you love her.

Engraved Clocks
In business, punctuality is key. And, due to this, buying your mom an engraved clock for her office is an excellent gift. Not only is it useful, I feel every office needs a clock for aesthetic purposes.

Have a good Mother’s Day!

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Gift Ideas for Business and Professional Women

Is your mom a businesswoman or business professional? If so, buying a useful, thoughtful gift for her can sometimes be a challenge. You want something that she can actually use and will her remind her of you. She’s too busy to cook, so cooking gadgets won’t work. Too busy for a vacation, so the idea of getting her a cruise package goes overboard. What can you get that she will enjoy and use for years to come?

Well, when buying a Mother’s Day present for a businesswoman, there are a few things that I suggest, which my mom loves. Please find them listed below:

Personalized Pens
An engraved pen is an excellent gift for any business professional, especially your lovely mother. Most business folks use regular pens, but actually having a nice, comfortable, classy, customized pen, given to you by a loved one, is perfect.

Leather Desk Sets
Scrap the old school desk set and replace it with a personalized leather desk set. Your mom will surely love this. Leather desk sets are comfortable, which is important for women working long hours.

Office Clock
All offices can use a classy clock, so you may consider buying your mom a personalized clock for her office or home office.

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck buying gifts this Mother’s Day!

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Personalized Coffee Mugs – Excellent Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rolling around yet again, and most of us are scrambling to find our special Mother a gift that she will love. We all want something that’s thoughtful, unique and useful but what?

Falling back on the old principle of it’s the thought that counts, personalized coffee mugs are an excellent present for Mother’s Day. My mom makes coffee or tea on a daily basis and did so in a boring mug until I gave her a personalized mug a few months back. Simply said, she loves it!

Here’s the way I look at it: Giving your mother a useful present that reminds her of your love everyday is much better than buying something extravagant  that can hardly be used. I would rather buy my mom a cool, funny, personalized coffee mug and have her use it 250+ days out of the year than get her a pair of diamond earrings that are used once in a blue moon. Catch my vibe?

I hope this article has been helpful!


Memorable Gifts

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate your mother and show her how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you. A personalized gift is a heartfelt way to say things that are not said every day but can be a lasting reminder of all the love you share. Let Memorable Gifts help you select a gift that will be treasured for many years.