Memorable or Not? Amazon Gift Cards Vs. Memorable Gifts

Memorable or Not?  Amazon vs Memorable Gifts


When you find yourself in that state of indecision between knowing that you want to give a gift and realizing that there is only so much time left, it is not uncommon to reach for that magical solution offered by the ubiquitous gift card.  Keep in mind though, that the joy of giving is multiplied tenfold when you find just the right present for the right purpose. At that moment, as you watch your friend or spouse or child open up the package, you know that you’ve made a choice that will be remembered for a long time to come.

What Message Are You Sending?
To be perfectly frank, nothing says, “I really have no clue what to get you” like a gift card, and an Amazon gift card sends the same message.  Sure, Amazon is the leading e-commerce mega store with innumerable selections in virtually every imaginable category.  And granted, if you have no time to put into your decision, a gift card that can be applied toward some obscure Amazon product may provide a bit of internet surfing fun.  But is it a memorable experience that leads to a gift your friend or family member will forever associate with you?  Probably not.

On the other hand, personalized gifts or engraved gifts gives you the opportunity to add a message, a note or a special date to the item of your choice.  For example, you can give personalized gifts to celebrate an accomplishment or welcome a new baby into a special person’s life.

Better to Make it Personal
When you give someone a $25 or $50 Amazon gift card it will buy a few books and CDs or perhaps a DVD or two.  What’s more, you are leaving it to your friend or relative to purchase a gift for himself or herself. Unless those who receive your generic gift cards remembered to bookmark Amazon pages in the past, they will have to search by category, then by sub-category and scan down to find something that might be interesting. Then there’s the problem of shipping and sometimes the different items come from various locations, so the whole order may not be delivered at the same time.

What if the gift card doesn’t cover shipping?
When you visit our site, you can shop seven different ways for a gift meant specifically for the occasion you want to recognize.  You can also choose to view products by recipient, by holiday, by specialty shops, by product, by types of wedding gifts and by types of business gifts. Our  site is organized to help you shop for gifts for all the important people in your life and for just about every situation.

The Memory is in the Message
If you want to give gifts that your relatives, friends or business associates will remember, choose to include a statement. Our site makes it easy and quick to find a present and make a personal statement at the same time.

The all-too-generic gift card will not evoke a memory five years from now.  A laser-engraved message that you create for a gift that suits the recipient and the occasion will be cherished and displayed for years.

Living in Los Angeles | How to Enjoy Yourself

We love this place. I know I love this place. Like the typical Los Angeleno, I was born here, and I have chosen to live here most of my life thus far, but anyone who has spent more than a passing moment in LA has surely noticed the existence of tons of traffic, loads of Bluetooth earpieces, and an overall busy feel. It may be part of the appeal, but it is important to take time for yourself.

Here are some sure bets to make the daily hustle-bustle more enjoyable:

1)     Take a trip to the beach. Southern California is blessed with some of the most consistently beautiful weather in the world. A short drive to Santa Monica, Orange County, San Diego, Venice, or Marina Del Rey can do wonders for your stress level.

2)     Spend the day with someone you love. Undoubtedly, one can get lost in the busy structure presented by the lifestyle of one living in a busy city such as Los Angeles.

3)     On the same note as number 2, give a gift. Giving and getting gifts are two of the most rewarding things one can do. Personalized Gifts are especially excellent. The value of a gift with the recipient’s name and/or a personalized message upon an already wonderful gift will give both the giver and the recipient joy that will last for quite some time thereafter. Further, if you find that taking a day off to head to the beach or with someone you love is too time consuming, getting a nice personalized gift is a quick and easy alternative. Consider a personalized mug, picture frame, flask, leather desk set, watch box, or jewelry box.

Take care, and enjoy this great city… 



Memorable Gifts



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