Office Gift Exchange | Where to Start?

The time has come, an office gift exchange is on the horizon, and you (like most people) and no clue where to start. Purchasing gifts for co-workers can be very tricky and buying a neutral, universal gift is always your best bet. Often times we are close with co-workers, but given the business aspect of the relationship, true interests/opinions are not revealed and conversations are typically work-related.

The most difficult part is, office gift exchanges are supposed to be secret, so you technically cannot ask your co-worker what he/she likes and dislikes. When such is the case, investigative procedures can be taken. For example, if another co-worker is closer to the person you are purchasing a gift for, slyly ask them what John/Jane Doe would like. It can’t hurt as long as the code of silence is kept intact.

For office gift exchanges, I personally suggest the following useful, functional, long-lasting gifts:

1) Office Desk Accessories

Who doesn’t love a nice desk organizer? How about a slick picture frame? Simple but functional gifts like this can be used for many years and are useful to anyone regardless of age, gender and interests.

2) Cooking/Kitchen Accessories

Cooking and kitchen accessories are always a good gift. This includes Personalized Coffee Mugs, BBQ Gift Sets, Unique Kitchen Jars, and much more. After all, everyone has to eat!

Now, when the gift exchange comes around, you can consider yourself prepared.


The Memorable Gifts Team


Personalized Christmas Ornaments – An Excellent Gift for the Holidays

During the Christmas season, it’s often very difficult to find that ideal, perfect gift for friends and family. We all want to give the most memorable gift possible and it’s not the cost or size of the gift that counts, it’s the thought behind it. Giving something special and meaningful is a nice gesture, but more importantly provides lifelong memories.

Personalized Christmas ornaments are one of the special presents that can be given to friends/family and are something that will be cherished for many years to come. Personalizing an item shows thought in itself — this is something to remember.

When personalizing a Christmas ornament, or any other holiday gift for that matter, I love having the date engraved on the gift. Visual cues bring back memories, just like familiar smells, and giving someone a gift that will be remembered for 10, 20, or even 50 years from now is something truly special.

At Memorable Gifts, we specialize in quality, personalized Christmas ornaments and holiday gifts. Everything is engraved in-house, so we can ensure timely delivery and quality products on a consistent basis. We provide an easy checkout process, are here to answer any questions you may have, and offer gift wrapping and shipping directly to your friends and family. It’s as easy as that.

Some of our most popular Christmas ornaments include the following:

1. Round Crystal Ornament 

2. Sparkle the Snowman Ornament 

3. Design Your Own Photo Star Ornament 

Please feel free to call us at (800) 998-4830 with any questions you may have — we’re always here to help.


The Memorable Gifts Team

Buying Holiday Gifts Online | Why it’s Eco-Friendly

The holiday season is almost here, and the mad rush to purchase gifts is quickly approaching. Selecting a unique, memorable Christmas or Hanukkah gift (or gift for any other holiday) is a laborious process that involves driving to malls, researching gifts online, and sometimes slyly getting friends and family to reveal what they really want.

This holiday season, a record number of shoppers will use the internet to locate and purchase gifts for a wide-variety of reasons. With the economy still in a slump, buying gifts online has become a big money saver and helps preserve the environment at the same time.

You may ask: how does purchasing gifts online help preserve the environment? Well, there are numerous reasons:

1) Buying gifts online eliminates the need to physically drive to a mall, store, or other retail venue. By eliminating excess travel, carbon emissions are reduced and fuel is conserved.

2) Shipping companies have pre-defined routes that are created to efficiently and quickly deliver packages without backpedaling. Packages are methodically delivered ultimately reducing excess travel and excess fuel consumption.

3) Purchasing directly from an online source skips the middleman, so products go directly from the factory to your door. This decreases the amount of transportation/shipping needed.

4) Gifts can be purchased and sent directly to the recipient, gift-wrapped and all, which does away with traveling to buy gifts. Less travel means a minimized carbon footprint.

When looking to buy a gift this holiday, try browsing the internet before driving to a mall. Mother Earth will thank you.

If you happen to have questions about holiday gifts, feel free to contact our team at Memorable Gifts – we always love to help. Our website offers a wide variety of Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, anniversary gifts, and any other gift you can think of. We specialize in personalized gifts that can be cherished for years to come.

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