5 Back to School tips for Moms

5 back to school tips for moms Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means it is almost time for your kids to go back to school. This can be an exciting and challenging time for a Mom. Here are some helpful tips to make the transition less stressful for you and your little ones.

1.  Re-establish an Early Bedtime

During the last few weeks of summer ease your kids back into a routine. This is most likely going to be a challenge, but a healthy routine, including going to bed earlier, can help ease the transition into the new school year. This can help you avoid a battle on the first day of school when you have to wake your kids up bright and early.

2. Back to School Clothes and Supplies Shopping

The most exciting part for your children about a new school year is the back to school shopping! Go through your children’s wardrobes and sort through what clothes they already have and make a list. This will help remind of what your child needs and what they already have.  This can also help you make it easier when your child begs for that cool new jacket. Plan ahead so you can find the best deals in town. When you go shopping for school supplies don’t forget your students classroom supply checklist to make sure they have everything they need for the first day of school.

3.  Plan Healthy Lunches 

Take away the stress of trying to quickly toss together some lunch for your child to take to school. Plan ahead a list of healthy lunches that your child will enjoy. Also, why not toss in a cute note wishing your child good luck on their first day of school!

4. Create a Set Homework Area in Your Home

Create an environment that your children can flourish in. Set aside a place in your home where it is quiet and they are able to focus on their homework.  It is better for them to have an area that is set for homework, so when they are in the spot they know it’s a place to do work rather than play.  This makes finishing homework that much more exciting!


5.  Visit the School and Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

A new school year is not just stressful for you as a mother, but also for your children. It means they have to get used to a new teacher and sometimes a new school. This can bring stress and nervousness. If your child is starting at a new school, visit that school with your child before their first day so they can get comfortable with their new surroundings. Get to know your child’s new teacher and it doesn’t hurt to surprise them on the first day of school with a personalized teachers gift!


What are some of your best back to school tips?


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