A Complete Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

ValentiensDayGiftIDeasForHerThe guys valentines gift guide, everything you need to know, so you don’t upset her over dinner or whatever plans you may have on Valentine’s Day. The guide consists of different gifts for her, but also helps you identify areas you may have overlooked, so let’s get started.

The Cute Couple

You know the couple that is always smiling, and finds laughter in the smallest of things, but also finds treasures in the cheesiest of gifts. That’s the cute couple, and it may be you, but the point we are trying to make is anyone can make the smallest of gifts a memorable one. If you’re going to get a key-chain as a valentine’s gift, make sure it’s not genetic, and get her a personalized key chain instead. A cheesy gift can still be one of the best gifts, but it’s all in the message or personalization. These following gifts are inexpensive but can be personalized with a great message, but don’t worry will give out some great examples. Let’s get started:

  • The key to a woman’s heart is in the message, and a quirky and cute Personalized Jewelry Box can still get the message across. It is all in the personalization of the gift, and the Silver Jewelry Box with Lock and Key (1) lets you personalize it, so it has a personal and unique touch.
  • Love is a delightful reminder, and there is no better gift than one that reminds a couple of their anniversary.  A special sweetheart silver Key chain (2) is a perfect  paired  gift to express your sentiments. Two-hearts that beat as one.
  • Long business trips very few like them, especially your significant other, but getting them a gift that reminds them of you will help them feel at ease.  A love photo Keychain (3) can be personalized with your very own photo, but also with a great message. Ex. “Missing you -John” reference below.
Personalized Heart Couples Key Chain

Memorable Gifts

It is no easy task, but it’s a rewarding experience when can you contribute to a smile with a momentous gift. This next section consists of gifts that leave a lasting impression, an impression that is sure to make this Valentine’s Day a cherished memory. Here is your PRO tip:

Think about memories where she has been really surprised, or you have really impressed her, and try to incorporate that into your gift. You want to stay on the romantic track and not sway-off, so once you have an idea make it romantic and go for the win!

Memorable gifts are best shared, they are memories that don’t fade but get stronger as a relationship develops. Think about things like watching a show together, so you get her a One Piece Figure from that show so she’ll remember it. Others examples could be moving in together, first Christmas together, or even a significant step like shopping for a home together; these are unforgettable memories. A rarely seen present is a gift that compliments a memory. Another PRO TIP to keep in mind is a rare moment, which can be followed-up with a lovely gift that compliments a shared memory. Valentines is more than just being romantic it is also about gratitude and privilege of being in a relationship with a special person, sharing the best gift of life — shared memories. These are some great gifts that can capture unique memories in life.

  • Moving-in together is a big step and no couple can forget a memory like that, and like many of first memories, there are many new ones waiting to happen. Spending your first Valentines together in your new home is a milestone, and capitalizing on it can be great if you don’t have a gift, but think new housewarming gift. A Love vase or picture frame are great items that fill up a house, and makes it more homelike.
  • There are also many home items commonly used every day that would highlight a home, and would also make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.  Personalized coasters are a fantastic gift that can be set on a coffee table or breakfast table, and it is also a talking piece that one can share with guests. It’s all about creativity, so will leave a separate segment below with a picture, and go more in depth. Or a Personalized Glass Thermos (4) that she can take on the go with her.

Getting Creative with Gifts

A small and ordinary gift can still be one of a kind, but it is all in the creativity. Earlier we mentioned personalized coaster, what’s so great about them? You have to get creative, and think of a way that will surprise the recipient. There are many things you can do with a coaster, and it’s almost like a picture book with a few pages, so you’ll need to think about how you’re going to make it pop. One way to surprise her is by placing different action shots with a message. The photo coaster set (5) here → holds up to 4, so something like this would work: 1st coaster “ Hey,(her name)” , 2nd coaster “I’ve had my eye on you”, 3rd “ Be my Valentines,(Your name here)” , and the last coaster would finish it off with a picture of you both. We hope this example helps, the best tip to keep on mind, is to be unique and creative, and think of something that will put a smile on her face or make her giggle.

A candle holder is not just for a one time use it makes a terrific gift that can accompany a romantic dinner, and it can be used for other occasions too. A treasured moment isn’t easy to find, but making one special moment of your own is easy. All it takes is a little time to figure out what personalization to use, so if you’re having a hard time ask friends and family.

What makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift is in the planning and thought and as cliché as it might sound it is the truth. No one knows your significant other better than you do. However, if you need help or need some ideas on getting creative leave us a comment, and will get back to you. Our last and final tip: don’t leave the shopping until the last minute.

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