Buying a Birthday Present for a Teenager – How To

As many of us know, being a teenager is tough and giving birthday gifts to teenagers can be just as difficult. Teenagers are prone to peer pressure and often “follow the crowd,” which means not all gifts they receive will pass the “cool test” or meet their standards. I know how this is; been there done that. But it doesn’t have to be this way and I’ll tell you why.

A big problem many parents and loved ones have when selecting gifts for teenagers is their want to give something personal, which leads to presents that are actually too personal. For example, a teenager wants to wear clothes they feel are “in” and match a style they wish to portray. Receiving a pair of jeans from mom isn’t always the coolest gift and this is understandable. Rather than mom giving a pair of jeans, why not a cool engraved pen that can be used in school? Gifts like this are timeless and show thought outside of the box.

Slyly buying birthday gifts for teenagers can also be done through the help of their friends. Take one of their friends aside and ask what the teenager in question would like. Their close friends will surely know. But, if this method is chosen, be sure the friend doesn’t spill the beans.

Moral of the story: Put yourself in a teenagers shoes and give them something that’s universal and not too personal.


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