Buying Small Presents for Strangers | Why?

After reading the title of this blog post you are problem wondering why anyone would buy a gift for a stranger. But, in all reality, there are many occasions that call for such. Small, thoughtful presents are sure to leave a good first impression.

When would someone buy a gift for a stranger?

1) For new home buyers, meeting and greeting the neighbors with a small present is an excellent way to become part of the community.

2) If you happen to be hosting a party, why not include party favors? These will ultimately go to friends or family, but also some strangers.

3) Many businesses purchase small gifts as a token of appreciation to clients or potential clients. If they have not worked with the client, a small gift may be sent during the holiday season to help jump start a business relationship.

4) For all of the people that believe in love at first sight, I suggest you surprise your future companion with a unique, personalized present.

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck turning strangers into friends.


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