Decorating Graduation Caps: A New Tradition?

grad-CAPIt’s graduation time for many colleges and high schools throughout the country. It’s a time when young adults begin to spread their wings. Graduation may be the biggest moment of their lives. The actual graduation ceremony takes place in order to show appreciation for the recent graduate’s accomplishments. Graduates and their parents look forward to this day for a long time and typically plan graduation parties and gatherings to fill the day’s festivities. Graduates can be seen wearing a cap on their head with a tassel and a traditional graduation gown. This structured look keeps a sense of uniformity and organization throughout the ceremony. Most graduates look for different ways to express their individuality and creativity. Some high schools and a number of colleges allow their graduates to decorate the tops of their graduation caps. This practice seems to have become a new right of passage for young graduates. Decorating graduation caps has become increasingly popular over the years. Caps can express messages of celebration, thanks to parents, and shout outs to schools and professions the students are planning to have. There was a time when any decorating of caps was strictly forbidden. Eventually. schools became more flexible and allowed graduates to “bling out” the tops of their caps. Here are some decorated caps that we found and absolutely love:grad cap 1 grad cap 2 grad cap 3 grad cap 4 grad cap 5 grad cap 6 grad cap 7 grad cap 8 grad cap 9 grad cap 10

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