Doctor’s Day Giveaway!

Doctors Day Giveaway

Did you know Doctor’s Day is on March 30th? Memorable Gifts wants to know how you say thank you to your doctors! Leave us a comment and tell us how you would thank the medical professionals in your life for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Don’t forget to check out our blog for Doctor’s Day gift ideas, thank you notes, and more! The contest ends on March 30th. Good luck!

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60 thoughts on “Doctor’s Day Giveaway!

  1. I would give him an epic man hug with epic music blaring in the epic background…. it would be epic

  2. I am sure to thank him for his time and consideration and once gave him a starbucks giftcard.

  3. he would give him a very meanful gift he has been our family doctor since my grandma was little

  4. I would send flowers to her office with a nice card telling her what a great doctor she is.

  5. My Doctor has helped me find what’s wrong with my knee and for that I would give him some gift vouchers to go for a meal with his family and not have to think about work for a while :)

  6. i would personally like to slap him in the face he is useless and hands me tablets outlike sweeties and never wants to investigate any of my problems that is why i am now almost wheelchair bound.

  7. I would like to thank ALL the Doctors out there!! I would take a Card and fatty foods to my Doctor :)

  8. I would get my doctor a gift certificate for a dinner for two because he and his wife are expecting their first child in a month. After that, they won’t have much time.for dinners out!

  9. Flowers and a card. If he did not have time to enjoy them maybe the medical receptionists and patients can enjoy them in the office for the day and his wife in the evening.

  10. I would like to thank my doctor by giving him a nice new picture frame as he has some lovely pictures and photos in his room.
    He has helped me alot over the years :D

  11. Id love to be able to thank the doctor who has recently been helping me but suddenly moved to another surgery buy giving him a thank you card and maybe one day sending him a picture of mine and my partners baby (were struggling to conceive) he has helped us to receive the support and correct testing done, and for that I couldn’t thank him enough, or give him a gift that compared to the gift one day he will have given me! :)

  12. I would just say ‘thank you’ as I don’t think it is ethical to give gifts to the doctor.

  13. I would give a thank you card as I don’t think being too personal and giving gifts is right thing to do

  14. I’d treat him to a meal at his favourite Italian because he’s absolutely brilliant! And a very professional yet approachable man.

  15. I only go around once every 2 years and it’s a different doctor every time so a card would do.

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