Giving an Old Friend a Birthday Gift – Find Something Different & Cool

Your good friend that you have known for a long time is having a birthday in the near future and you want to give him/her a special birthday present that will never be forgotten. This is very understandable, but the question is: What to get that will be both memorable and useful.

For one, I suggest giving your good friend a personalized picture frame that can house a picture of the two of you, or a photo of something that is special to them. For example, if you and your friend went on a camping trip 5 years ago and you have a picture they haven’t seen yet, dig up the photo and place it in a personalized frame that describes the trip. This present could spark another idea for a camping trip, this time involving even snorkelling and kayaking about which you read more on the

Secondly, consider taking your good friend out for dinner or a night on the town.  If they are too shy, maybe some window shopping on sites like Although. sometimes the lack of physical gifts can be a good thing when combined with positive experiences spent together. Gifts can be forgotten but happy memories of time together will not.

Thirdly, consider giving your friend a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, spa, clothing store or anything else you can think of. This shows thought by recognize the friend’s interests and acting on such.

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck selecting a gift for your good friend.


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