How much should you expect to spend as a bridesmaid?

In a recent guest post for we discussed vegan friendly gifts for bridesmaids, and when to give them out. One thing we also wanted to discuss as well were the expenses incurred by bridesmaids, and if you have ever had the pleasure of being one you know it can get pretty expensive.

First time bridesmaid may find themselves short on cash and going over budget real quick, and we wanted to point that out in our guest post, but didn’t want to overwhelm readers with an already lengthy post. We made sure to give some terrific tips and ideas for personalized bridesmaids gifts, which should relieve any stress from travel or planning that they may be having too. 

However, we still wanted to inform brides on how much expenses can run-up for their bridesmaids, something to keep in mind. It’s nothing new, and it’s been subject of interest in wedding movies as seen in Bridesmaids – that one person that picks the expensive bridesmaid dress. A hilarious and relatable scenario, but it’s a duty to keep in mind a budget that will work for all her bridesmaids, and should be the voice of reasoning. Ultimately she is the one that makes the final decision, and not the bridesmaids. The dress is just one of the few obvious expenses that are clear to many. It’s not until you start to visualize, and start to jot down how much you’ll be spending on events, gifts and travel leading to the wedding.

What should bridesmaids expect to spend?

A bridesmaid can expect to spend $1,000 dollars and up! Yes, it sure is a lot of money, and the dress is just a 1/10th of it at best. What are realistic expenses that should be expected?

  • $50 for the engagement gift
  • $100 for the wedding gift
  • $450 for Wedding Travel expenses
  • $50 for shower contribution
  • $50 for bachelorette contribution
  • $50 for matching shoes
  • $50 for any alterations
  • $50 for jewelry
  • $350 travel to bridal shower and bachelorrete party
Engagement giftsWedding shower giftsWedding gifts

These are figures at their best, so bridesmaids to be you expect to spend more than $1,000. However, brides also need to be conscious about expenditures associated with being a bridesmaid, and help her maids keep the cost down by consolidating events if possible. If you notice the above expense you’ll see that we consolidated the bridal shower and bachelorrette party into one weekend. Why? Well, we are being optimistic, and believe that a weekend should work for both events in a best case scenario.

A bride should definitely be in constant communication with her bridesmaids, individually and as a group. Try to keep the bridesmaid dresses to a minimum cost and the shoes too. When looking for jewelry look for hand made products that will help keep your cost down if your the bridesmaid, and brides don’t be afraid to step in if things get a little out of control. For travel, the bride should share contact information with the party, so bridesmaids  can plan travel arrangements together in order to keep expenses down. The key to planning and working on a budget is communication, and to help you make it easier for you we created an online and downloadable bridesmaid survival kit, to track expense and keep you within your budget.

Here’s the bridesmaid survival budget kit spreadsheet that you can download or use online, just make sure to make a copy of it for your own private records. We left some notes in the cells to help you if you have any problem, but if you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment below or on any of our social networks.







Expense Column can be changed to reflect your actual expenses. The Budget column will help you set a limit for each category or expense, and the posted cost will reflect actual expenditures for the category/event. The Over budget column will show you how much you saved, went over budget(in red) in a percent format for that category. The total over-budget cell will reflect the total percentage saved or exceeded, and lastly the OVERBUDGET cell will let you know if you exceeded your set limits if it’s in red, and will show up as negative if you actually saved. Make sure to update it as the expense are incurred to make sure you don’t exceed your limit.

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