National Dog Day: Life is better with a dog.

Happy National Dog Day Dogs are a man’s best friend, so why not give them their own holiday?  Since 2004 August 26th has been celebrated annually as National Dog day. National Dog Day was founded by Colleen Paige as a way to draw attention to the need for pet rescue. It is also a day for you to honor that special dog or dogs that have brightened up your life with their companionship.

Celebrate today by adopting a dog from a rescue home or by taking time out of your day to appreciate your trusty companion. And when you decide to bring in a dog, do not forget to get some Dog Gear for it, because those are essentials that a dog cannot live without. Also take the additional effort of buying them unique toys and products from online sites like Pet Aware. Dogs bring love and companionship to so many people all over the world and can be something that people sometimes take for granted. For all those times you have trusted on your canine best friend to keep you safe, comfort you, and love you here are just a few dog-tastic ways you can say thank you.

Pet Bowl

Spoil your canine companion with his or her very own personalized pet bowl. The perfect gift idea for that favorite dog in your life. A one of a kind pet bowl that is fitting for a one of a kind dog.

Treat JarA great dog deserves a treat every now and then, so why not keep those treats in a personalized treat jar that is customized with your dogs picture and name. You couldn’t find a more unique and special gift than that. Your dog will jump for joy and roll over with glee when it sees his very own personalized treat jar.


Everyone loves looking at photos of dogs so why not show it off every day with this photo key chain. Show how much you love and care for your dog by having a personalized dog key chain with a photo of your dog. Be proud to show off that special canine companion in your life.

Don’t forget to take some time to show your canine best friend just how much you appreciate them today. Spend some quality time together.  Take your dog out to a park, to the beach, or just on a walk around your block. For everything that dogs do for us to brighten our daily lives its nice to take some time out just for them.

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