Memorable Gifts Top 10 Gift Ideas for Religious Occasions

With Easter just around the corner, it’s the season for a variety of religious celebrations. We offer a large selection of personalized gifts for Baptism, Christening, First Communion and Confirmation. From babies to godparents, we have selected our top 10 gifts for religious celebrations.


Personalized Religious Gifts


1. Christening, Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion Keepsake Box

Personalized Christening, Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion Keepsake Box

The simple elegance of this beautiful silver-plated keepsake box will make it a gift to be treasured for many years. The box can be fully customized and features a silver cross in the center.


2. Personalized Christening 4×6 Picture Frame

Personalized Christening 4x6 Picture Frame

This photo frame is a great way to remember a baby’s Christening. This beautiful photo frame can hold a cherished photo, personalized with the baby’s name. 

3. Pewter Cross Photo Frame

Personalized Pewter Cross Photo Frame

This 5” x 7” wooden photo frame features a beautiful pewter cross and a silver plate for engraving a message or a name. This makes a wonderful gift for Godparents, Grandparents or anyone else who participated on the special day. The elegant combination of wood and pewter will make it a welcome addition to any home.


4. Fairy Godmother Personalized Coffee Mug

Fairy Godmother Personalized Coffee Mug

What a fun way to thank a special Godmother! This sweet mug features a playful fairy sprinkling her magic dust. Personalize the mug with the name of the godchild, to always remind her of her important role as a Godmother.


5. Silver Christening and Baptism Frame

Personalized Silver Christening and Baptism Frame

This great silver-plated frame is an excellent way to commemorate a blessed day. The silver plate is adorned with an elegant silver cross and has plenty of room to personalize with your own text. Personalize with a favorite verse, poem, or a heartfelt message.


6. Godchild Photo Frame

Blue Godchild Photo Frame

This elegant 8” x 10” Godchild photo panel makes a wonderful godparent gift. This personalized gift is printed on our durable photo panel, along with a treasured photo.


7. Silver Cross with Heart Plate

Personalized Silver Cross with Heart Plate

This sweet cross will surely delight any little girl. The silver cross has a swirl pearl finish, and features a personalized heart accented with sparkly rhinestones. This elegant heart will make a wonderful personalized Communion gift, or Confirmation gift.


8. Godfather Keepsake Plaque

Personalized Godfather Keepsake Plaque

Instead of writing a thank you card, why not give them a keepsake with a heartfelt thank you message engraved on it. This keepsake plaque makes an exceptional Godfather gift. It will surely be a treasured reminder of the promise they made to their godchild.


9. First Communion and Confirmation Picture Frame

Personalized First Communion and Confirmation Picture Frame

This charming photo frame makes a great gift for First Communion and Confirmation. Simply choose the color and personalize with the name, date and a special message.


10. Silver Cross Frame

Personalized Silver Cross Frame

This frame is perfect for any occasion, whether it be Baptism, Christening, First Communion or Confirmation. You can personalize this elegant silver-plated 4” x 6” frame to suit your needs.


We hope this gift guide helped you in selecting a special gift for a loved one. Please visit us at to see our full collection of personalized religious gifts, as well as personalized gifts for all occasions.

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