Personalized Mens Valet – Gift Ideas for Him

Finding personalized gifts for him is never easy, and today’s modern men looks for more in traditional gifts. They look for that small touch that will set it apart from the rest. Watch our latest video showcase on our personalized valet for men, and see why it’s a favorite among modern men who appreciate the sophistication and versatility of a handmade gift.

Video Transcript:

Hello folks, today we are demonstrating a personalized mens valet, or mens jewelry chest that we would like to show you today. A very nice gift for birthday anniversaries, graduations, father’s day, or promotion present. You can use this gift for many occasions.
Let me show the features of this item. It is a beautiful wood case in a rosewood finish, and you have all these different compartments here. You can put your keys, cellphone, change or items from your pocket. You put whatever you like here on the top with a nice velvet material so you don’t scratch your valuables.
So we have a drawer that you open up, and a nice size to store your valuable items. Like your wallet, plenty of room for that, and your watch, cufflinks, jewelry, and other items. You can insert you rings right here, and you can also store pens inside this compartment. Which stores everything real nice in the bottom of the case.It is a beautiful piece very that is pretty nice and heavy wood.
We also personalized the top part with your initials, name or whatever you wish. Now to just show you the backside of this item, a real nice solid wood and heavy piece to give as a present. I’m going to turn it again, okay. So here is the bottom jewelry box compartment again, it opens up very smoothly and nice.
A nice piece that you can give out for many occasions, men graduating, having birthdays, anniversaries, or any event. Engraved with their name or initials. Whoever you give it to you are really going to impressive them with this beautiful gift.This is Raffi, and thanks for watching!

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