Personalized Wedding Gifts – Making a Memorable Statement

A wedding is one of the absolute most important events in a person’s life, and often times couples spend well over $50,000 to entertain friends and family during the wedding and at the after party. With all of this money spent, the reality is that the day, and how memorable it is, comes down to the people who attend and the memories contained within the event, not the cost. For this reason, I feel that giving a small, unique, personalized wedding gift is the best way to make a statement and show thought. The bride and groom will surely appreciate it: Trust me.

Why give a personalized wedding gift? The reason for selecting and giving a personalized wedding gift is to show extra thought and go above and beyond price; remember it’s the thought that counts. Additionally, personalizing a gift marks the event for which it was given in time. For example, if a couple gets married in Malibu, California on the beach, giving them an engraved gift with the date and the location, then a small amount of text saying congratulations, is something they can keep for 10, 20, 30 years or more. And, the best part is, it will never be forgotten and it’s an excellent conversation piece.

Another important element to personalized wedding gifts is their uniqueness — giving something that nobody else will have. Creating a gift specifically with the recipient in mind is like tailoring a suit, or buying a custom dress shirt. The gift is selected for the bride/groom and one can rest assured that no one at the wedding will gift the same present. It may not sound important, but it really is.

Lastly, to ensure you are making a memorable statement, plan the point at which you will deliver the gift. Don’t just slap it on a table and hope the bride/groom find it, take some time to actually give the gift and say congrats on a personal level. Though, keep in mind that most people don’t want to carry around gifts at a wedding, especially the bride or groom, so present the gift at an appropriate time.

I hope this article has been helpful and good luck finding a memorable, unique personalized gift for the next wedding you attend.


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