Show Love and Thanks This Nurse’s Day

Behind every patient in a hospital is a nurse who had dedicated his or her time to ensuring that the patient was well taken care of. Some nurses can put in as much as up to forty hours a week and some are responsible for multiple patients, so it can be said that nurses are just as hard working as their fellow doctors.

Nurse’s Day, which is May 6th, was proposed by Dorothy Sutherland of the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in 1953. Nurse’s Day actually marks the beginning of what is known as National Nurses Week – the week runs from May 6th to May 12th,  with the ending date being the birthdate of the famed founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Nurse’s Day aims to recognize the dedication and efforts of nurses in addition to educating the public on the hard work nurses put in to the health industry.

One great way to full-heartedly express your thanks to nurses is to give them a gift they will remember and always have at their desk, such as a personalized mug or keepsake plaque. Nothing can really compare to a present that is personalized, as it shows the sender put extra time and consideration into the gift giving process. And if the gift is coming from a patient, then that nurse will really remember the personal effect that he or she had. There’s really no substitute to giving back love to those who selflessly bestow it first. So this May 6th, set aside time to personally thank a nurse you’ve received love and care from.

Take a look at three great gift ideas from us to you:

 1. Personalized Nurse’s Crystal Tealight Candle Holder

Personalized Nurse Thank You Crystal Tea light Candle Holder

This exquisite crystal candle holder perfectly holds a tealight or candlestick (not included) so you can warm a nurse’s heart the way he or she has warmed yours. Express your thanks and gratitude with a personalized message on the face of the box, which is completed with the official registered nurses symbol.

2. Engraved “Thank You” Plaque for Nurses

You can’t really convey a message of thanks better than having your heartfelt words engraved – forever. Show your appreciation for a nurse’s hard work and dedication with this “thank you” plaque made just for nurses. This engraved plaque is made of acrylic and features a logo of two hands reaching out to one another, symbolizing the endless care that nurses exude. An absolute winner for Nurse’s Day or National Nurses Week.

3.  Customized Registered Nurse Mug

Personalized Nurse's Coffee Mug

With every sip he or she takes, that caring nurse will be warmed to the heart by your kind sentiments with this personalized mug. Featuring the words “Comfort, Compassion & Caring”, this mug perfectly describes the demeanor of your special recipient. With name personalization and the official registered nurse symbol to mark his or her accomplishments, there is no better Nurse’s Day gift that is practical yet beautifully designed.

We hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for this May 6th. Remember to show your thanks to a nurse. Happy Nurse’s Day and Happy National Nurses Week from us here at!

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