Teacher’s Day: Useful Teacher’s Desk Gifts

With a little over a month left until summer break, the school year has really flown by. Teachers and professors put in immense effort during the school year to ensure that their students are learning and developing better critical thinking skills in their studies. Even though students are out of school during the summer, many teachers are still working hard, taking classes to further their teaching and education credentials. It can be said that teachers are learning just as much as their students, putting in continuous effort to better their teaching curriculum.

We recently spotted these creative gift ideas on Pinterest that included making your own “candy pencils” by wrapping Rolos and Hershey’s Kisses together with yellow and pink paper and creation of a goody bag by wrapping a bunch of lollipops or other candy together with wrapping paper. Aside from being sweet, these gift ideas can become a functional yet thoughtful present when wrapped in something interesting. We thought these crafty gift ideas would go great with our selection of personalized gifts for Teacher’s Day, which is coming up on May 7th.

Teacher’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation and thanks towards a teacher or professor. Teachers spend a large amount of time behind their desk, grading homework or going over class material; professors spend long hours as well in their office hours, grading papers and preparing exams. Why not instead of a card or box of chocolates, give your teacher something he or she will put to use everyday at the desk? Here are some of our top 5 impressive yet functional gifts for teachers:

1.  Customized Multifunctional Desktop Organizer

Engraved Rosewood Desk Organizer

Engraved with the teacher’s name, this rosewood desktop organizer is perfect for the teacher’s desk, housing two pencil cups, a namecard slot, and two photo frames. It helps keep necessities at hand and really brightens and tidies the desk for a busy and hardworking teacher. This beautiful rosewood piece measures 11″ x 3 7/8″ x 4 7/8″ and is perfect for our Pinterest inspired candy idea – placing lollipops in the pencil holders would make for a creative surprise, now wouldn’t it?

2.  Personalized “Teach” Photo Frame

Engraved Photo Frame for Teacher

There’s no better way to top off a teacher or professor’s school year than to thank them through memory of a great class. This one-of-a-kind picture frame comes with an embossed apple in the top right-hand corner, the word “teach” at the top left, and room for personalized messages and of course, a photo. This gift is great for classmates to get together for a teacher or parents of a school committee to present to a diligent educator. It’s also very ideal for a student to gift to a teacher who really went the extra mile to help bring academic success. This picture frame is truly special and its modern design and bright colors will bring a smile to any teacher’s face.

3.  Engraved Acrylic Apple Clock Plaque

Inspirational Clock Keepsake for Teachers

Give the gift of thanks and time to a teacher with this beautiful, laser engraved keepsake clock. Personalized with the teacher’s name and the phrase “Teachers give you wings to carry you to your dreams”, this inspirational yet decorative plaque tells time while holding a three line message from the heart from you to your admired educator. A gift that is truly high-quality and personal, don’t miss out on this great Teacher’s Day gift idea!

4.  Engraved Glass Thermos W/ Strainer

Customized Thermos for Teacher

With all the time spent lecturing and explaining lessons, teachers and professors will constantly be reaching for water to rehydrate. Reign supreme over  those boring and generic thermoses with this truly elegant personalized thermos that comes with a strainer. Engraved with the teacher’s name and featuring room for a three line message, this item also features a tree branch and apple embossed design to make it a thermos tailored just for educators. This item is also a great contender for our Pinterest candy idea – imagine filling this glass container up with those candy pencils or an assortment of lollipops. Truly an amazing Teacher’s Day present and something very fitting for a teacher’s desk!

5. Personalized Apple Keepsake Box

Wooden Keepsake Box for Teacher

“To teach is to touch lives forever” is a phrase that no one can argue with, and this phrase itself is a testament to the profound impact teachers can have on our lives. This rosewood finished keepsake box makes for a heartfelt Teacher’s Day gift to any educator, with that very phrase engraved alongside a personal two line message of your choice. Feature two compartments, this keepsake box is a perfect storage space for paper clips, coins, or small items. Measuring 7 1/4″ x 6″ x 2″ in size, this box is perfect for any teacher’s desk.

These gift ideas are a great opportunity to thank and show appreciation towards a teacher or professor for their hard work on Teacher’s Day. Whether you are a student or a parent who wants to extend your gratitude to a particular teacher for his or her hard work this school semester, give something practical and memorable that can last for time to come. With all that time spent at his or her desk, your special teacher in mind will have your gift (and sentiments) at a hand’s reach everyday. Keep May 7th marked on your calendars, and here’s a Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers and professors out there!

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