Top 10 Most Annoying Anniversary Gifts for Her

Top 10 Most Annoying Anniversary Gifts

Top 10 Most Annoying Anniversary Gifts for Her

Let’s face it.  No matter how long men have been married, they don’t always pick the right gift for their wife.  Ideally, personalized gifts speak to a person’s interests, values or hobbies.  Engraved gifts are even more personal because they often express a sentiment about the strength of a relationship.  Guys, you need to put some thought into your gift selection .  Don’t make a last-minute decision and, whatever you do, avoid these top 10 most annoying gifts you could possibly give her.

Engraved Cuticle Remover
Okay, so you look at the calendar on your cell phone and see that your anniversary is in one week.  After complimenting yourself on your superior ability to plan ahead, you freeze instantly wondering what your lovely wife of three years could want for her anniversary.  She does have well-kept nails, right? A quick look on the internet leads you to a site where you could get engraved cuticle removers.  Don’t do it.  This is not one of the engraved gifts you give to a woman, especially one that already spends time and money on her nails.

Body Shaper
You still love her after she’s had three kids.  She is your best friend and a cherished companion who goes along with you to all your man flicks.  How will you show her the depth of your affection this year?  You really need to think what that gift you’re choosing is going to say to her.  Body Shaper?  It is a definite anniversary no-no.  Among all possible personalized gifts, this one alone is nothing more than a comment about her physicality, and more specifically her waist and hips.

Lip Hair Remover
It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some women have a bit more hair around the lips than others.  Women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of excess hair tend to this matter quietly, purchasing the product discreetly and using it in the comfort of their own home.  A lip hair remover is among the most despicable personalized gifts.  She will view it as a criticism, a way of pointing out her imperfection on a day you two should be celebrating your years together.

A Blouse that’s Too Big
Do you want to buy clothes for your wife to show how stylish and up-to-date you can be?  Well, make sure you know her size.  Don’t go anywhere near the department store or online shop for personalized gifts of clothing unless you know what you’re getting.  A 5-foot 3-inch petite woman with maybe a few extra pounds does not deserve the humiliation caused by receiving an extra large blouse for an anniversary gift.  Be very careful when treading the waters of personalized gifts in the clothing department.

Re-gifted Book she gave You Last Year
Did you already forget?  You’re the one in the family who enjoys reading books about World War II submarines.  That’s why she gave you that great coffee table book for your office.  You know, the one that you stashed on the bottom shelf in the living room and then promptly forgot about it?  She may be much more interested in books about history, fashion or psychology and you, of all people, should know that.  Don’t let your panic about running out of time cause you to make an error in judgment.  Do not re-gift a book, especially if it is one she gave to you.

Bargain-Basement Wine
A romantic dinner with wine could be the perfect ending of a first-rate anniversary celebration.  However, nothing squelches that romantic mood like cheap wine that tastes more like refined vinegar than Chardonnay.  If you don’t know much about good wine and still want to give her a bottle, study up or ask someone who is knowledgeable.  Wine can be a good accent to other personalized gifts  as long as you make a wise choice.

Ugly Watch
Is she an outdoors type of person?  Is she really active but still needs to keep up with the time without depending on her cell phone? Even your sporty wife needs a watch that has some feminine touches.  The ugly, bulky watches will not look good on her wrist.  If you find watches in the engraved gifts section of the department store, don’t choose something that would look better on you than on her.

Band Tour T-shirt
Picture this:  You have one day left before your anniversary and you absolutely have to shop after work.  You stand before two storefronts in the busy mall downtown.  When you go inside of each one, all you see are racks and racks of shirts with band names emblazoned across the front.  What will you do?  A band tour T-shirt may be an appropriate buy when walking through the mall with her on some sunny day, but it is a very bad idea to give her one for her anniversary.

Plastic Plates
In the 1970s plastic plates were all the rage.  A new neon color came out every month or so on KMART shelves.  Today you can find them at any Dollar Store location.  However popular or thrifty they may be, plastic plates make a terrible anniversary gift.

100 Easy Crossword Puzzles
If your wife prides herself in finishing the New York Times Crossword Puzzle every day, avoid giving her a cheap book of crossword puzzles.  You need to be sensitive to her intellectual needs and avoid at all costs the tendency to insult her intelligence.

How can you  truly give a special personalized gift to your wife for your anniversary?  You need to plan at least two weeks in advance to give her a gift that speaks to her personality and interests.  Keep away from gifts that are convenient or easy to buy.  Make your anniversary mean something to both of you by giving thoughtfully.

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