Video – Paw Print iPhone 4 case Review

Paw Print iPhone 4 Case

Personalized iPhone gift for pet lovers


We love pets!

Our companions can’t always be by our side, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative. This paw print iPhone 4 case can be personalized with a photo of your pet with his/her name. See their cute face or faces when ever you start to miss them, they’ll be just an iPhone away. If your dog could call or text you, they would let you know how much they miss you too! Pet lovers will love having this case to accompany on their travels and vacations. To view other personalized iPhone 4 cases visit our page here, and make sure to share it with friends and family too!

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Characteristics of this Personalized iPhone 4s case:

  • Metal Backing
  • Hard Plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design

To get a better feel and view of the case watch the video below.

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