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MG Rewards

We reward you for your loyalty without making you work for it.

Easy to join and simple to redeem

Customer Rewards program.

  • NO Brainer

  • NO Rewards program Sign up Required: Every customer is automatically enrolled

  • NO Rewards Cards needed or Rewards Numbers to remember!
    Our system will keep track of all your accumulated rewards points and you can redeem any number of points you wish at any time.

  • We have created a system to Reward You and NOT to waste your time!

  • Hassle Free, Easy to use and smart shopping cart system that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of shopping at Memorable Gifts

This is our way of saying thank you
for placing your trust in us!

Frequently Asked Questions about MG Rewards Program!

How do I accumulate MG Rewards Points?

Very Easily!
Every time you make a purchase at Memorable Gifts.com you will start accumulating the points. Every dollar you spend you will accumulate one MG Rewards Point. It's that easy! You don't have to do anything.

How do I check the total MG Rewards Point accumulated?

Just login to your account at Memorable Gifts and select: View Your MG Rewards Points

The system will give you up to date detailed information:

How to check MG Reward Point Balance

How do I redeem my MG Rewards Points when I shop online?

You will have an opportunity before finalizing your purchase to redeem your previously accumulated MG Rewards points. If you have accumulated MG Rewards points the system will tell you how many points you have and what it means in $$$.

Here is an example:

How to apply MG Reward Points

You have the option of redeeming your MG Rewards points or keep on accumulating and using them sometime in the future.

Do the MG Rewards points expire?

NO! You can keep on accumulating the points and will stay in your account. No Expiration!

Can I use a Discount code plus redeem my MG Rewards Points at the same purchase?

You can very easily redeem your MG Rewards points, and if you have a discount code to use you can use that too. The system will redeem your MG Rewards points and discount your order.

Please contact us to answer any further questions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only dollars spent on gift items/merchandise at Memorable Gifts online store will calculate to MG Rewards Point. Additional personalization fees, shipping fees, and sales tax will not calculate towards MG Rewards points.

  • Each qualifying dollar spent equals to one MG Rewards point.

  • MG Rewards points are calculated at a rate of 2%, and the calculated dollar amount will be deducted from your new order.

Example of how the MG Rewards Points are calculated:

Purchased Item amount = $29.95

You earn MG Rewards points = 30 points accumulated

30 points X 2% = $0.60

$0.60 can be used toward future purchase

The more MG Rewards points you accumulate the more $$$ can be deducted from your future purchase.

  • MG Rewards points will be accumulated at the time your order has been processed, however the new points can only be redeemed after your new order has been shipped.

  • When redeeming your MG Rewards points, your order total must be greater than the calculated amount of the Reward points redeemed.

  • MG Rewards points have no cash value

  • Redeemed MG Rewards points will not be credited back to your account for any reason.

  • MG Rewards Points balances are non transferable and can be cancelled after 18 months of purchase inactivity.

  • Memorable Gifts reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this program or terminate this program at any time without notice.

  • Employees of Memorable Gifts, its partners and affiliated companies, and their families are not eligible to participate in MG Rewards points program.