Memorable Gifts Gives 'Two Thumbs Up' to Push Presents

Push Presents are the latest trend-setters in the gift industry

 New trends and buzzes do not belong only to the world of technology and fashion anymore. The world of gifts and 'tokens of appreciation' has welcomed a new trend that's rapidly catching up among expecting moms and fathers - Push Presents. The reasons of this unconventional gift category becoming newsworthy are twofold: celebrity Moms like Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey, who have given it a glamorous appeal; and the name - 'push present', which does a darn good job of conveying its significance. Also popularly known as 'baby mama gift' or 'baby bauble', is a token of love by the father of a new born to the mommy for giving birth of their bundle of joy. "Giving birth is definitely not an easy feat for an expecting Mom. She's going through a lot of changes physically as well as emotionally. And what could be more comforting than getting a personalized gift from her partner?" according to Raffi Dermenjian, CEO of Los Angeles based Memorable Gifts, in an exclusive interview.

Although the popularity of push presents is on the rise, a certain percentage of moms consider push presents to be absolutely unnecessary, when their own baby is the greatest gift that they can receive. But according to a recent survey conducted by, a large percentage of new mommies feel that there's nothing wrong in expecting a push present, especially after all the back pain, morning sickness, and stress that they have gone through.

With famous jewelry chains like Mayors, having promoted their diamond earrings with the tag line, "She delivered your first born; now give her twins.", and Fortunoff, establishing a push present registry, the push present phenomenon is definitely here to stay. Although jewelry is the most desired push present among birthing mommies, research shows that any heartfelt personalized gift for mom like keepsake boxes from the hubby, is equally valued. Memorable Gifts offers a variety of unique push presents for new mommies.

The current hot-sellers are:

-Personalized Keepsake Box with Picture Frame for Mom

This rosewood photo box measuring 8" x 5 3/4" x 4 1/4", makes the perfect gift for all of those small keepsakes and photos.

 -Elegant Silver Heart Shape Footed Jewelry Box

That combines both contemporary and antique styling to create a stunning heart-shape concept.

Raffi Dermenjian, CEO of Memorable Gifts further stated: "Any momentous occasion that involves expressing love and appreciation is incomplete without a special gift from that special somebody. So a gift from a husband to his wife to celebrate the birth of their child is indeed memorable." Gifts for Her at Memorable Gifts features a range of elegant push presents for new moms.