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"Good size, reasonable delivery time, excellent packaging"

Lauren Benishek

Comments: The Paw Print Crystal Ornament is 3" in diameter, making it about the size of my palm and a good size for crystal which can get lost in the tree if too small. It catches the lights on the tree beautifully. The ribbon it comes with is a little long, though, so expect to either cut the ribbon to shorten it or find a nice gap in the tree where it can dangle. The ornament came with both a storage box and a velvet sleeve for storage. I put the ornament in the sleeve and then the sleeve in the box and the lid popped up a bit but the box is padded and will store the ornament safely. Delivery time was reasonable. I believe it took about a week but since the ornament had to be custom inscribed I felt this was acceptable. It was also here in time for Christmas, which was great. Lastly, the only thing that I wasn't 100% satisfied with is that there are a few spots near the hinge for the ribbon that look like glue. My assumption is that it's some sort of adhesive for the hinge. It's not super obvious but will not come off just by rubbing so I'll have to work with it more, possibly with Windex or goo gone. This was a disappointment and the reason I am giving this product a 4. I expect ornaments that are this costly to be crafted with care.


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"Perfect way to surprise my kids"


Comments: My wife and I decided to surprise our kids by getting them a puppy for Christmas. So, all the puppy's toys and etc. are going to be wrapped up under the tree and the ornament will be placed where they can see it. I cannot wait to see their expression!


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"Absolutely Beautiful"

Jean Fiore

Comments: We had this ornament made for our new puppy's first Christmas. The ornament is absolutely gorgeous.


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